Help desks for Envato authors

For support agents, Yeahhelp is a better solution to provide support to top notch customer support with a one-click solution.

Trusted by more than 5,000 businesses.

The features you need

Every single feature in Yeahhelp is help you to stay productive while delivering support, meaning you get all the power without the complexity.

Real time Envato authentication

The Envato authentication that helps your team to verify the purchase code of your customer, while giving support

Start in minutes

You don’t need to verify your customer purchase code manually, we will help you with one-click solution

Help customers in real-time

Our one-click solution will help you to answer your customer instantly without any hassle.

Know who you’re talking to

Reach purchase details such as purchase code together with product details, license type and country.

Chat on your terms

Track and display customer information to provide better support faster no matter the channel.

Manage team responsibility & activity

We believe in providing live support to your customer by allowing you to assign tickets to a concern person.

Team activities

We will keep you posted on the progress of your team. It's important to stay involved in client conversation.

Assign & Transfer

You can now assign tickets to support agent, which will increase your team's efficiency and productivity!

One Click Sync Envato Products

To make life easier for envato author, which allows them to synchronize products on the platform

Quick setup

Yeahhelp will let you sync your Envato products. You can easily do this using the "Sync products" button.

Envato products

Products page that displays all the items you have uploaded to Envato Market.

Provide customers instant answers

Get instant answers to common questions on a wide range of subjects with the answer box

Instant answers

We know you're busy, Instant Answers brings you answers to your queries with a simple click, as quickly as possible.

Predefine template

Create and save templates to easily & quickly send for repeated inquires to your customers

Out-of-the-box reporting

Use Reports to track and optimize team efficiency, channel effectiveness, and customer happiness.

Report on what matters

Track volume, response time, resolutions, user-specific stats, and all your most important KPIs.

Track custom data points

Using tags and custom fields to measure what you care about most, and follow your unique data points.

Create custom views

Filter your data to dig deeper on the trends you’re interested in, and save reports to revisit over time.

Take it with you

Export your Help Scout reporting data to CSV or XLSX on demand for additional analysis.

Yeahhelp is right for you if...

To sync your product with Evnato, you need to first ensure that you have an account on Yeahhelp. Clicking on the product page will display a button “Sync Product With Evnato” that you need to click to proceed.
Once you have logged in to your support portal, click on any ticket and you will see customer details on the right hand side
No, the ticket will be replied by logging into yeahhelp portal.
Yes you can save the message template that you frequently reply to. Save as many message templates as you want, so you don't need to type the same things over and over again.
No, you can’t assign a ticket to multiple agents at the same time. All agents must handle their own tickets and they are not allowed to help each other with their individual tickets.
You can add unlimited team members or agents to one company

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